Covid-19 claims ex-Milad Kanu, Sen Onyeabo

Former Military Administrator of Lagos and Imo states, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu may have died from complications arising from the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu (rtd.)

The news of the death of the eminent diaspora Igbo leader is left linked to health complications associated with the dreaded novel coronavirus disease.

The news of Admiral Kanu’s death was worsened by information that another prominent Igbo political political leader, Senator Onyeabor Obi, also passed in similar circumstances.

The separate deaths of both Admiral Kanu and Senator Obi were made known on Wednesday.

Information about the death of Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu filtered out early in the morning. 

The late Kanu was said to be home during the Christmas season for initial customary marriage rites of his daughter.

The Admiral’s daughter and the fiancé are said to have flown in from overseas for the event.

The late Admiral Kanu reportedly suffered mild cough which led to rapid complications.

Inside sources said his health condition then deteriorated suddenly. 

Our sources said the late Admiral had to quickly fly back to Lagos where he was diagnosed with Covid-19 infection, and subsequently placed on intensive care with oxygen.

While tears flowed over the death of Admiral Kanu, information about the death of Senator Onyeabo Obi.

The Senator whose family was invaded by Covid-19 had suffered complications of the disease along with his wife, his son, and daughter-in-law.

 Family sources said the senator’s wife has now tasted negative to the virus during hospitalization.

She was reportedly under medical care and observation when she was informed of the death of her husband.

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