Cross River community defends UCTH CMD, Ikpeme over ethnicity allegations


Eniong Abatim Community in Odukpani, Cross River State have refuted the allegations of ethnicity levelled against the Chief Medical Director of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), Professor Ikpeme Asanye Ikpeme.


This follows a claim by a group against the CMD alleging ethnicity, and maladministration by the current management of the institution.

The community warned groups to desist from distracting the present management of the hospital and allow it focus on its mandate.

Speaking on behalf of the Eniong Abatim Community, Elder (Dr) David Okon, deplored the tendency where “some faceless paid agents parading as ‘Concerned Staff’ of the health establishment,” published a report in the media aimed at “bringing the character, person and the official position of Prof Ikpeme Asanye Ikpeme, into disrepute.”

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“This despondent and obnoxious act by those who want the hospital to be returned to its ugly past is unacceptable by any right thinking and progressively minded persons.

“This is a calculated attempt to rubbish or paint an Eniong son black”, Elder Okon said.

He denied the allegations against Professor Ikpeme particularly the that of ethnic cleansing saying it is contrary to the facts on ground.

“It is a verifiable fact that out of 32 Heads of Departments and Units appointed directly by the Hospital, only 12 are Efik.

“Out of the 12 who are from Efik, only 2 are from Odukpani, the local government area of Prof Ikpeme (non from Eniong where he hails from). Why are they blowing alarm where there’s no issue to warrant that.”

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He explained that the CMD was managing the resources of the institution frugally and is trying to clear the debts inherited from past administrations which amount to N1.7 billion, some of which dates back to 2011.

Elder Okon insists that the UCTH has been given a new lease of life and enumerated some of the visible transformations in the hospital.

“A visit to this hospital will show a Teaching Hospital with a new lease of life that is environmentally very friendly, with a revamp of the following facilities, equipment and departments: Labour ward Theatre; Ultrasound scan patients’ waiting scanner ; Ultrasound scan  patients’ waiting area; Xray and CT scan patients’ waiting area; Xray Suite with Direct Xray machine and CT Scan suite with 32 slice CT scanner.

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“O&G Triage room; Female Orthopedic ward; Labour ward; Drugs now available in Pharmacy retail outlets of the Hospital; Conversion of a dirty, unhealthy and dangerous refuse dump by the ward into a beautiful clinical space,” as well as providing electricity in most of the areas which hitherto did not have electricity,” Elder Okon said.

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