Day Ezeonwuka, INNOSON Boss visited Umuchukwu where one man is turning a village into an international city

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*We ‘II ensure that everything will be well utilized – Ezeonwuka
*I will establish an industry there – INNOSON Boss

On Saturday last week, Providence brought together three eminent sons of Anambra State namely Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka who is the Proprietor of Rojenny Tourist and Games Village Oba, founder Ranet Industries also located in Oba and Rojenny Global Farm located at Anaku in Ayamelum Local Government Area of Anambra State, Chief Innocent Chukwuma the founder and Chairman of INNOSON Group of Companies with Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM), INNOSON Plastic Industry among others and Dr Godwin Maduka a Medical Doctor based in America and who is singlehandedly turning his Community Umuchukwu in Orumba South Local Government Area to a world class community with State of the Art amenities and infrastructural facilities.

The trio met at the residence of Dr Maduka who is called Lion of Africa when Ezeonwuka and Chukwuma visited Umuchukwu to see for themselves the wonders being done there by the host. Their coming together amounts to a fold of the Biblical three Wise Men from the East who have think home mentality that are worthy to emulate by other sons and daughters of Anambra in particular and Ndigbo in general who are well to do all over the world. The meeting provided the host and the visitors opportunity to tell stories of their passion for the development and progress of Igbo land with their giants achievements.

The story of the day began on a practical note with the host taking the visitors round town to take a look at what he has singlehandedly put down for the development of his country home Umuchukwu Community. A 17 Storey Building called Medical Research Institute or Medical Research Centre was the first port of call.

There, the host told the visitors that the Institute was meant to provide international standard health services to reduce the high rate at which Nigerians travel to foreign countries for medical services adding that the Institute will be equiped with modern medical facilities and competent expatriates for management.

The second place the host took the visitors was the ultra modern High Court edifice which is on going and near completion and which according the host was meant to give the people of Umuchukwu and its environs easy access to justice. But while the Court Building is on going p, the houses where judges and staff will live are completed already, equiped and furnished with State of the Art facilities.

The third place where the visitors were taken to was a five star Guest House with over 20 super equiped rooms with a mini conference room for staff and management meeting and another a world class conference hall for a wider and more elaborate engagements.

Time did not permit the visitors to go further but they were shown a Police Station, a Secondary School, two Churches one for Catholic and the other for Anglican and tarred road, all provided singlehandedly for Ndi Umuchukwu by the host.

Chief Ezeonwuka (Ogilisi Igbo) made part two of the story by given his life story and comparing what he saw at Umuchukwu to what he did at Oba in the early years of the decades of 1980s. He explained that he began life as a Spare parts importer at Nkwo Nnewi but came into the limelight when he built Rojenny Tourist and Games Village Oba in the early 80s. As a tourist and games villages, Rojenny has he said has a tourist attraction like the amusement park, a hotel, Chinese Restaurant and a zoo where many animals including the almighty Lion are alive for everybody to see. Rojenny has many sporting facilities such as swimming pool, lawn tennis court, basketball court, volleyball pitch and a 60, 000 capacity football stadium with tartan track which has hosted international football matches involving notable football clubs in Nigeria and their counterparts from Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

Ezeonwuka admitted that he made fortune by importing Autor Spare parts from Taiwan and unlike other Igbo business he vowed to run all his businesses in Igbo land. He said “If am not mistaking, I am probably the only man Igbo who doesn’t have a koisk outside Igboland, others are building hotels, schools, industries and many things outside Igbo land but I decided to run all my businesses in Igbo land and I don’t regret it because if I remember that Rojenny Stadium has hosted matches involving football clubs from Egypt and other African countries I feel happy. Without Rojenny Stadium am not there could be anything that attract the North Africans to Igboland”

“In the decade of 1990s Rojenny Stadium served as the home ground for two Nigerian top flight football clubs namely Udoji United and Jasper United. Udoji and Jasper at a point represented Nigeria in Continental Championship like the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) Champions League using Rojenny Stadium to play matches against clubs from Egypt and other African countries. Rojenny Stadium also played host to Golden Eaglets of Nigeria when the Eaglets made up Kanu Nwankwo, Wilson Oruma, Peter Anosike among others camped at Rojenny for nearly two years in preparation for 1993 FIFA U-17 World Cup held in Japan.

Taking a holistic view of what he saw at Umuchukwu, Ogilisi Igbo said he was happy to see somebody like Dr Maduka who deemed right enough to transform his community into a mini Las Vargas in Anambra State adding that all hands must be on deck to ensure that all the amenities and facilities such as the Medical Research Centre which is the first of its kind in Nigeria, the High Court, the guest house and others built by the America based Surgeon and Pharmacologist are well utilised by the people of Anambra and Nigerians from all parts of the Country.

On his part Chief Innocent Chukwuma who was conspicuously marvelled at what he met on ground muted that he will establish an Industry at Umuchukwu to boost development inline with what Maduka is doing. Chukwuma who also began life as a Spare part importer zoomed into limelight when he established INNOSON Industries at Emene along Abakaliki road in Enugu which specialised in manufacturing plastic and branded ceramic wares such as plates, trays, chairs and tables and tables among others things. As if that was not enough the Nnewi born manufacturer also known as Ifediaso Nnewi and Okpuzu Ndigbo by Chieftaincy titles moved a step further to establish the first Vehicle Assembly plant in Nigeria and what is today known as INNOSON Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) in his country home at Nnewi.

From Nnewi to Enugu INNOSON as he is popularly called made huge impact in providing jobs for the teeming Igbo youth in particular and boosting the Nigeria economy in general. In the words of Sir Ugochukwu Udemezue who is the current President General of Nnewi town union known as Nzuko Ora Nnewi INNOSON by establishing IVM has fulfilled the potential of Nnewi as the Japan of Africa. According to Udemezue, the dream of any community is to raise individual who can bring development, provide jobs for the people and improve on the economy of the State to better the lives of the citizenry.

He maintained “INNOSON has turned Nnewi Japan and China, all the vehicles Nigerians use to import from Japan and China are being manufactured at IVM such as cars, jeep, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) security van and Spare parts so what do you need to believe that what you may travel to buy in Japan or China are right here in Nnewi, you journalists should understand this better so that will be able to tell the story of what is going on at IVM at any given time”

The last part of the story came from Ndi Umuchukwu who explained in details how Dr Maduka is singlehandedly turning the community into an American city of sort

According to the people of Umuchukwu Dr Maduka in addition to all have been said of him earlier has built and houses for the people. As at last count Maduka has built and donated 156 houses to poor families with water and electricity facilities and has offered to build a University in Umuchukwu in two or three year time. In terms of human empowerment he has moved a good number of Umuchukwu to the United States and offered Scholarships to so many indigent students at the university level. What else does Umuchukwu needs to develop?

Speaking on Dr Maduka’s great strides at Umuchukwu Mr Okoli Egbo Tyndale Oforbike a politician from Umuchukwu neighbourhood noted that what distinguishes Dr Maduka from the crowd is that he does his things on the platform of philanthropy adding that such like him are needed in positions of leadership at all levels. Mr Oforbike who hails from Nawfija a neighbouring community to Umuchukwu pointed out that for a man to turn his community around with his personal hard earned money, there is no gainsaying the fact that he will make prudent use of the resources available in his disposal as political leader.

According to him, “if other wealthy men could do half or even one third or one quarter of what Dr Maduka has been doing to Umuchukwu, Igbo land would have developed at a faster pace because virtually all the communities in Igboland have at least 10 wealthy men who can build schools, tar roads, provide water, scholarships for children and help the poor in so many ways and secondly if we can get people like him to take the mantle of leadership as Governors things like corruption and incompetence would be a thing of the past”

Continuing Mr Oforbike who is aspiring for the Orumba South Constituency Seat in the Anambra State House of Assembly ahead of 2019 general election described as role model for the youth, the business tycoon and the political class. He added, “Dr Maduka is a symbol of hard work who don’t believe that one has to be in government quarters to make it, he works hard to study, he studied Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacology at Professorate levels and he work hard to meet up with schedules of his job that goes along way to tell the youth that it pays to work hard.

“He has demonstrated a utmost level f philanthropy and made us to understand that people don’t have to be in political leadership to develop his community, he has shown that people as businessmen and professionals can use their hard earned money to freely build schools, Church, hospital, tar roads and what have you, I mean all those things that people needs to live a better life, so Dr Maduka is a role models to all of us – the youth, the businessmen, the professionals and the political class put together and we really thank God for the gift of somebody like him.

The truth is that Ezeonwuka, Chukwuma and Maduka have out shined others lately in terms of think home philosophy and if other sons and daughters from Igbo land should emulate them Anambra State and the entire Igbo land will certainly get better in terms of civilisation and development inline with the global standard.

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