#EndSARS: I warned Buhari about October/November looming danger – Prophet Chukwuma

From CHUKS EZE, Enugu

Prophet Josiah Onuoha Chukwuma, who had in his 2020 prophesy declared that President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration risked extinction, especially between October and November 2020, has reacted to the ongoing nationwide #EndSARS protest.

The vocal cleric and General Overseer (GO), of Christ Foundation Miracle International Chapel (CFMIC), Lagos, had, in the Prophesy, stated that Buhari would face impeachment, either physically or spiritual, before the end of the year.

He had stressed that except the President managed to survive the looming storms till the end of November that he would not complete his second tenure.

“I saw danger, chaos! Buhari should be careful. If Mr President survives what awaits him, as God showed me, from now till November ending, then he will serve out his (second) term. But as it stands now, Buhari would be removed either by impeachment or sickness this 2020. This is the much that I can disclose,” the Prophet had fired, in part, in the Prophesy that was released on January 1, 2020.

But while reacting to the current unabating #EndSARS national protest, in an interview with The Oracle Today, Prophet Chukwuma stated that the protest was prompted by divine impetus and warned the presidency to avoid succumbing to the possible temptation of handling the development with force.   

Does the current #EndSARS protests rocking the nation have any connection with your 2020 prophesy? our correspondent asked the cleric.

“I had warned President Buhari in January and I want to stress it again that this month, (October) and next month (November) are dangerous, very dicey months for President Buhari. He should be extremely careful and prayerful. He must tread cautiously in all his dealing within this period. When water seizes to flow forth and begins to flow backwards, it means that danger is lurking. That is how the current situation of the country is spiritually.

“The present administration is currently lacks divine grace and all the actors are seemingly confused. They should quickly seek God for help. The blood of numerous innocent lives that have been wantonly wasted over the years in this country are crying to God for vengeance, and they must be appeased, no two ways about it. You can see that our leaders even appear helpless to even stop further wastage of precious lives of citizens of Nigeria. They should look for genuine men of God that will intercede and lead the nation to cleanse the land and appease God.

“Let me tell you, SARS is not even the main issue; the issue is that the anger of God is against this country! You can see how the protesters’ demands have started changing and increasing by the day. And if utmost wisdom and restraint is not employed in handling the matter, the next story you may hear is the protesting youths are making the ultimate demand. Don’t ask me what I mean by that.

“That January prophesy which indicated that Mr President would only be able to complete his second tenure if he is able to survive the travails that awaits him between October and end of November, still subsists. The presidency must desist from treating the ongoing protest with levity.

“The President’s handlers should also not bank hope on using money to break the ranks of the restive youths because that idea will fail them, as we has already been observed. The use of force on the youths, as some bad advisers have started voicing out, should also be a no-no because it will not only backfire but, such move may consume the government”.

Recalling what he went through after the smoky prophesy was published in January, 2020, Chukwuma noted that, “all sorts of attacks and threats from several Nigerians within and outside the country had riddled my phone afterwards, just as it appeared that the President’s bad advisers had, as usual, asked him to ignore the prophesy. That is the problem with those Mr President has walled himself with,” he added.

On the relentlessness of the protest, the Prophet prayed that things do not get out of hand on account of poor executive handling of the issue.

He said: “I see the northern youths splitting into two – one for and another against, in a fierce manner. God forbid that this development transmutes into tribal or religious coloration.

“#EndSARS protest is a spill over effect of extended accumulation of anger and frustration. The government should realize that there is divine hand in the present impasse and it is only prayer and utmost wisdom that can restore peace in the country.

“Nigerians, especially youths, have suffered untold frustrations, for many years – frustrations over unending police brutality, insecurity, killings, hardships, poverty, hunger, and looting of the nation’s commonwealth, among others.

The prophet further asked, rhetorically:

“The youths are tired, disgruntled, stretched to the limits!

“What do you expect when our creative youths and graduates, with beautiful degree results, are left to roam the streets hopelessly, without employment or enabling environment for them to make ends meet?

“When a leader goes outside the country and declares that the youths of his country are lazy, and fails to realize the need to withdraw such offshoot and apologise to the youths, what do you expect?

“What do you expect when the so called lazy youths now struggle and sweat out hard-earned cash and the police, who were meant to protect the youths now turn against them labelling them criminals, killing them and seizing their earned cash and  other resources?

“When security agents move about with POS machines intimidating defenceless citizens and forcefully draining the money in their accounts with reckless abandon, what do you expect?

“Those around Mr President have continued to shield him from the truth for selfish reasons. Buhari does not have true information about many critical issues in the country. The current development is fast going beyond Mr President’s control.

But shouldn’t the protest have stopped since the federal government had already yanked off SARS and introduced SWAT and fully acceptance the remaining four demands of the demonstrating youths? Chukwuma responded:

“A bird that leaves the ground to perch on termites’ house is still on the floor. Is the protesting convinced that the authorities will recruit entirely fresh, more humane, more educated, better trained, well remunerated and psychologically sound officers into the new SWAT unit? I leave you to determine that.

“Mr President should empty his box of wisdom and employ everything wisely to tackle the present challenge, in an absolutely non-violent manner. He should lie low, ignore those advising him to unleash the military or other security forces on the peaceful protesters. “He should plead with the youths and pacify them because what is playing out is a function of accumulated anger and frustration, which must be prevented from snowballing into full scale revolution,” he said.

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