Fr Mbaka to Presidency: No amount of fallacy can paralyze my courage

Fr Mbaka to Presidency: No amount of fallacy can paralyze my courage

*Present administration can’t handle current challenges 

*Age, health not on Buhari’s side, he insists

From CHUKS EZE, Enugu

Founder of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria {AMEN), Fr Ejike Mbaka, has denied federal government’s allegation that he had begged President Buhari for contract warning that no amount of fallacy and evil attacks would prevent him from speaking out courageously whenever he was so directed by the Holy Spirit.

Fr Mbaka, who appeared unscathed and unrelenting, stated this at his AMEN centre on Sunday during the Holy Mass to mark the 2021 Fathers’ Day celebration, insisted that Nigeria needed a stronger and more-experienced leader “in a time like this”, pointing out that age and health were not on Buhari’s side.

He denied the Presidency’s allegation that his recent open message to Mr President and call for his resignation or impeachment were because he (Mbaka) had got embittered after he was denied contract award by the federal government.      

It would be recalled that the fiery Enugu priest had last week, during his popular ministration at his AMEN centre, thrashed the Buhari administration, declaring the government incompetent and calling for either Mr president’s resignation or impeachment on grounds that Buhari had failed the country and had nothing more to offer.

After the video clips of the priest’s messages went viral, a seemingly irked presidency through Mallam Garba Shehu, a presidential spokesperson, swiftly alleged through a press statement that Fr Mbaka was angry because he was denied contract after he brought three men to Mr President to solicit for contract.

But in his reaction, Fr Mbaka stated that no amount of intimidation, blackmail or fallacy would discourage him from speaking out against evil, adding that the contentious message on Buhari was just a flash, suggesting that he still had more to divulge.

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He maintained that the present administration lacks the wherewithal to contain the country’s present challenges. 

He said: “Look, I had only barked and they are already fighting. There are things that I will not say now. However, I am happy that the truth is hitting them hard. Let them start doing the right thing. 

“No amount of blackmail or fallacy of argumentum ad hominem (evil criticism/allegation against my person) can paralyze my courage. 

“They have never given me any contract. And I want to reassure you that even if they offer me 400 oil blocks that cannot merchandize my prophetic anointing. 

“No amount of money could merchandize the Holy Ghost anointing in me. Fr Mbaka is un-bribable!

“Even if they come and build the highest university for us here, that cannot influence me. Whenever the Holy Spirit asks me to roar, I speak out. I am for the poor masses of Nigeria.

“So, the issue is let them provide jobs for you (the unemployed); let them tackle hunger and give you food to eat. Let them stop killing my people and give them security.

“Let them make our education qualitative and give us healthy medical facilities that medical tourism shall be guaranteed in this country and no longer the rich going to be treated outside the country while the poor masses keep dying here”.

 “The Holy Spirit is still repeating the same message o,” the AMEN founder who showed no sign of backing down further fired.  

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“That if we are in a football match and our goalkeeper, no matter how highly good he had been but he suffers a spinal cord injury or dementia; he becomes sick or wounded and he cannot keep well any more, what do we do? 

“That he should, by himself and even leave the pitch because we cannot lose a match over sentiment that the goalkeeper was elected by everybody. 

“The issue is that he cannot keep the ball anymore and opponents are winning us.

“Look at how the international community is making us a laughingstock. Just a few days ago, our county was rated as the third worst (governed) country in the world. We only managed to beat Venezuela and one other country and scored third from behind.

“Do they need me to talk? Do they not know the truth? The person who can say it is he who is speaking,” he added. 

Not done, Mbaka further continued: “You may not know what you have provoked in me. Volcanic eruption! 

“Remember that I had asked that as Nigeria had kept borrowing and borrowing more money, what facility do we have to pay back? Time may come when the country may not be able to pay even members of the National Assembly.

“Time may come when we will not be able to pay back those debts and Nigeria will become the collateral.

“The political leaders of today cannot handle this (present challenges). You need the advice of our elders on the sanctuary. Hold emergency meeting with them so they can help you out of this quagmire,” Mbaka urged.

Insisting that the country was in very dire situation, Mbaka further berated the present administration and even compared it with its predecessor. 

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“The case of (former President) Jonathan was from Good luck to bad luck. This one is from bad luck to the worst ever. Yeah. When your people have nothing to eat, when there is no money in circulation, when investors cannot invest, when farmers cannot farm; the main hunger is still ahead o. what are you going to eat when famers can no longer farm (do to insecurity)?

“I challenge them to challenge any of the issues that were raised and reassure Nigerians that Fr Mbaka had told lies.

When Buhari started well, did I not praise him? Now, he cannot do it. Age and health are not on his side! It could be anybody. We need a stronger and better goalkeeper-experienced goalkeeper in a time like this.

“They can go ahead and say that it is because of an (unnamed) contract that I was denied; they do not know me. Let them come here and build the highest platform in the whole world and begin to mess up. I will still condemn them. I speak under the influence of the Holy Spirit; it is not a manmade political utterance.

When Buhari started well, did I not praise him? Now, he cannot do it. Age and health are not on his side! It could be anybody. But we need a stronger and better-experienced goalkeeper in a time like this,” he insisted.

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