His experience with another woman made him see me as an asset

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I wonder why some men like learning the hard way. When I first met my husband, what made me first take interest in him was the similarity in our names. My husband’s name is Augustine while I’m Augustina.

However, 20 years into our marriage, my husband took a second wife. It was as though she had charmed him, because he drove me and the children out of the house for her to come in.

But within a year of their illegitimate union, my husband fell seriously ill and had to travel overseas where he spent up to six months recuperating. My husband’s second wifeleft with many of my husband’s valuables before his return.

She left with the documents of my husband’s houseslocated in Enugu and Abuja, and other landed properties.

She sold most of my husband’s properties and ran with her boyfriend to Canada where she is now enjoying the money. The only house she did not sell was the family house in Lagos.

On hearing the news that his beloved second wife had sold his properties and escaped to North America with her boyfriend, my husband collapsed and had to be revived in the hospital. It was more painful for him knowing that shehad been cheating on him for long.

After he was discharged from the hospital, relations, including his doctor, counseled him, saying that although it seemed like he had lost almost everything because of a woman, that wasn’t the end of the world. They encourage him to take heart and try and get closer to God.

So, my husband started going to church again, something he stopped doing years ago. The pastor told me to continue to show him love so that he would notice the difference between me and his so-called second wife.

God opened my husband’s eyes at last, to see that the rejected stone has become the head of the corner. He now came to beg me for forgiveness.

He begged me to forgive him for all the wrongs he had done to me and my children. I told him I had forgiven him but that he should go and ask for forgiveness from my parents.

I also told him to beg our four children whom he had offended so much by not paying their school fees and by driving them out of his house.

I told him that it was an abomination for a father to drive his wife and children out of his house and that he had to make restitution.

My husband begged my parents and his children to forgive. He also asked us to move back into the family house and start living together again like a happy family, as we did before.

We moved back into the family house, and my husband became a new creature.

He had learnt his lesson the hard way, and he now came to appreciate me and the children. My husband, who was wicked in the past, is now a loving, caring and responsible husband and father.

He now realizes the importance of family. Thanks to his runaway second wife who dealt with him mercilessly.