How I narrowly escaped from a kidnap-robbery gang in Lagos


For Mrs Omolara Osunkoya, a Lagos resident, December 8th 2023, was an unforgettable day in her life. But about two weeks afterward, 22nd of December precisely, God indeed saved her from untimely death from the hand of ruthless Lagos kidnappers. Her story could be excruciating and didactic. Read her very sorry tale. EXCERPTS;

“I went out to get some
materials and groceries at the popular Oshodi market.
I boarded a public bus at iyana isolo underbridge, heading towards Oshodi.
Immediately the bus took off, I sensed a strange odour but couldn’t place my hand on it but just pleaded the blood of Jesus in my usual manner.
By the time we got to the 2nd stop, I noticed other passengers were already sleeping and as I was contemplating what to do, the guy seated by the door just released a substance in my direction and that’s the only thing I remembered.


I woke up late in the night in an uncompleted building with other people scattered about on the floor. I was tired and confused and could only sense the danger all around the place.
I started pleading the blood of Jesus in my mind and praying for my safety to be able to see my children alive again.

It was several hours later when a wooden door was swung open by the side and 3 hefty men came in holding dangerous weapons like matchet, cutlass and guns.
We were told to undress and start to identify our bags and belongings littered on the floor.
Whoever is unfortunate not to have enough money at hand or in their bank account is doomed and will be beaten mercilessly.
I was fortunate to have the cash I was going to use to buy materials for sales. Everything was collected, my phone, wristwatch and jewelries that were on me. I was also given some painful slaps too.

We were threatened with the weapons and one man was shot in our presence for lying that he doesn’t have anything, yet it was discovered he had some cash in his inner trouser. He didn’t know we would be stripped naked.

I cannot remember how long this took place, but I knew it was around early morning, though still dark. About three of us were asked to follow another team aside the ones that stripped us of our belongings.

We trekked for another 30mins into the forest with our eyes covered in black clothes and our right hands on each other’s shoulders lined in a file following a narrow bushy road.

When we got to a T – junction, we were separated in different directions and told to keep walking and never to look back, else we would be killed.
I kept walking for hours, not knowing where I was going, until I removed my face cover at a point.

I was just going round the bush crying and praying for my safety when I saw a farmer who told me that I was in ADA Oshogbo in Osun state of Nigeria and he pointed the way to go to me with eyes full of pity.

I eventually found myself outside a dusty road and saw a cyclist code-named okada, who I believe God planted there for my use.

He immediately picked me up and took me to the garage. I narrated my ordeal and he gave me his phone to call because I had nothing on me. No money.
I called my Pastor who immediately transferred transport money to the Lagos-bound
bus driver and that’s how I was able to return back to Lagos amidst tears, fears and panic from my ordeal.

Up to today, I was afraid to go out or even enter any public transport.

This is the pathetic state of life in some parts of my country today.
The safety of her citizens has been largely compromised. Security efforts by governments are not yielding any significant result.”


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