Ikonne can fix the odds in Abia State


Ikechukwu Amechi

Abia State is my state and that is why whenever I write anything concerning the state, I am so emotional and passionate.

Over the years I have lampooned and castigated previous governors of the State beginning from Orji Uzor Kalu who I still insist that laid the foundation for the decadence we still experience in the State today.

However, as the next governorship election draws near I think that attention should now be focused on electing the person who can fix the odds. There must be a way to connect the disconnects.

Abia  State like boxing fans would say has received several blows that it is lying knocked out on the canvass. Someone is needed to rejuvenate the state and restore it to its pride of  place.

I live in diaspora and I have observed how politics is being played. It is not essentially about party but about the quality of candidates vying for positions.

Having just returned from Abia State  last week after a vacation and heard different opinions about candidates I have narrowed the way forward to pedigree. I can say unequivocally that Prof Eleazar  Uche Ikonne is the man that fits the bill  should be voted for in the next gubernatorial election.   He is the candidate representing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

An erudite scholar , I have been able to follow his antecedents and accomplishments as a lecturer and  a university administrator.

 His achievements  as Rector of  Abia Polytechnic and Vice Chancellor of  Abia State University(ABSU) speak volumes that we want him to bring his “magic” to bear in Abia State.  He resurrected both institutions from their comatose to the extent that they became  institutions of envy.

At Abia State Polytechnic he introduced ideas that have remained second to none in improving internally generated revenue.

While in Abia State University, he raised the ranking of the university from 93rd to 27th position in the country.

Can he achieve those feats for Abia State and  we can sing “A Daniel has come for judgement”. From all indications I  believe he can so that Abia State indigenes can smile again.

From my visit I can say that Abia State needs to overhaul or initiate an industrial revolution to improve infrastructure and ensure that internally generated revenue is at its best for development.

Visits to my beautiful restaurants and bars in Umuahia , the State capital   showed that even our “Golden Guinea ” beer that we enjoy has vanished and donning the tables are beer “imported” from other places such as  “Hero”, “Tiger”, and “Life” among others.

 Abia  State needs redemption , a right thinking person and it should start now with Prof. Eleazar  Ikonne.

Ikechukwu Amechi wrote  from UK

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