Journalists turns musician, releases debut album

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By Oge Onyeanusi Nnewi

An Onitsha-based journalist, Afam Aminu Chimezie, who is currently writing for a Lagos based Financial Newspaper “West African Business News” has released a highlife musical album, titled “Give My People A Chance”.

The five track musical release has other titles such as: Ochichi Obodo, Give My People A Chance, Nigeria, Nwanyi Amusu (witch) and Cannibal.

All of the songs seem to focus on the social-economic and political imbalances of the country as well as evil tendencies and machinations of witchcraft in the African context.

The journalist turned musician with the stage name, Afamso is gradually carving a niche for himself in the nation’s music industry with his genre of music which he called: “Pan Afro-Highlife”. According to Afamso Chimezie whose debut is creating waves in some parts of South-East Region of Nigeria, “I didn’t just find myself into the music industry?

“It is a divine call given to me in dream in which I saw a strange heavily- built man in animal skin hand-over some local African musical instruments to me together with a raffia hand- fan and later bade me fare-well after handing over the instruments to me”.

Afamso revealed that the dream came to him in 2016, but was only actualized this year due to constant pressure from unknown forces that told him to deliver his messages to the world, especially African leaders.

In his words, “I’ve never known peace since after the dream. It is just something I couldn’t resist as lyrics with beautiful messages pre-occupied my mind. I only experienced peace of mind when I went into the studio to rehearse my songs and their subsequent release”.

The young musician who chose to sing in his mother tongue, Igbo observed that he also sang in English Language to effectively communicate his numerous messages to a larger audience both locally and internationally with the view of exposing some of the ills bedeviling the society today.

On whether he has finally bid goodbye to journalism, the fresh song writer, composer and singer replied, “I’m not saying bye to journalism which has for many years seen me through storm and places.

“I will continue to contribute my little quota to the development of the profession in Nigeria until such a time when my hand will be heavier with microphone than the pen. Even after that, journalism remains a beautiful choice I’ve never regretted. 


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