Kim, Kanye about to split a racy marriage

After about seven years of rapid breeding which saw their family grow by four children, American celebrity couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has headed to the courts for a widely expected divorce.

Kanye, Wife and children

The couple symbolized one of the longest millionaire romance stories that started with a 10 year dating and roughly seven years of fruitful marriage. They met in 2003, had their first child in 2013, wedded in 2014 and now about to separate in 2021.

This would be the third divorce for Kim Kardashian and first for Kanye West. After divorce, Kim would want joint legal and physical custody of their kids: North, 7; Saint, 5; Chicago, 3; and Psalm, 21 months. Sources said neither is contesting the prenup in place, negotiations have progressed and they are nearing a settlement.

The 43 year old Kanye rose to lime light as music rapper and producer while 40 year old Kim comes from a family of fashion models and TV stars; making the marriage a red carpet union that has never left public attention.

It is believed that celebrity gossips and paparazzi ambush have rocked the union, fueling mood instability in the mixed race couple.

Kim has posed nude for series of celebrity magazines and also has sex videos plastered across the internet; while rapper Kanye also had history of reveling with women. The past romantic escapades of the couple have continued to haunt their marriage.

Kanye had in 2018 expressed intentions to divorce Kim for alleged romance with another music rapper and for tinkering with thoughts of aborting one of their children.

A lot of fans believe that Kanye West, one of black American music rappers to break  into successful fashion business, is emotionally unstable after mental health issues, and suffers mood swings; an attribute that played in his attempt at vying for the post of United States president in 2020.

PEOPLE reported that 43 year Kanye West blamed his 2020 presidential ambition for the failing marrinage even as he is belived to be pulling strings to halt Kim Kardashian from pressing the diverse ahead.

His political engagements for the race are believed to have triggered crisis in his marriage, a situation which is said to have sparked erratic behavior and public outbursts in which he divulged deep family and marriage details in public platforms.

Kanye’s details about Kim and her mother Jenner trying to retrain him, and the couple’s trying contemplation of abortion during Kim’s first pregnancy are said to triggered huge resentment in Kim who told confidants that she was over with Kanye’s chaos.

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