Lizzy Anjorin to women – Beware! Men are polygamist in nature

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Actress, Lizzy Anjorin has declared that men are polygamous in nature. She made this declaration while issuing a warning to women to guard their hearts jealously, as 80% of men are born polygamist and might lustily go after their best friends.

She said: “Ladies should be more concerned about what they have in your bank account or in their brains before showing off their man to friends or uploading proposal videos on social media.

“You can’t tell anything can happen. How good you are on bed or in the kitchen will not satisfy men. Some of them, even say worst and evils things about their women when it’s no longer rosy.

“Another secret is that; some men derive joy in making their women cry or go through unbearable pains.

Some can even go as low as sleeping with your house help or friends but that does not make him a bad person and that doesn’t mean you should quit. Instead, buckle-up and raise your head high, be positive and work harder, better things are ahead of you,” she said.

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    Can you look into doing a Blog on Polygamy and Sister Wives? Good Topic btw.

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