Missing Fr Mbaka resurfaces

Says blame Bishop Onaga not DSS for my disappearance

*Traducers after me for blessing Nnamdi Kanu, speaking truth to Bihari

From CHUKS EZE, Enugu

Missing Enugu Catholic priest and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka has blamed his sudden disappearance for nearly two days on the leadership of the Catholic Church in Enugu led by Most Rev Dr Callistus Onaga.

The fiery priest absolved the Department of State Services (DSS), of complicity in his tribulation as against wide reports in the social media, pointing out that his traducers were out to punish him for blessing Nnamdi Kanu, among other issues.

He stated this while addressing a massive jubilant crowd of supporters at the AMEN centre, Umuchigbo, near Emene, Enugu, after he resurfaced and was led to the prayer ground in an intimidating motorcade flanked by a large crowd of placard-bearing supporters.

The teaming supporters had trouped out to protest against Mbaka’s sudden disappearance since Tuesday evening, and in the process, touched Bishop Onaga’s residence.

Mbaka however announced that, “DSS people were not involved in what happened and the bishop did not kidnap me either. 

“But the bishop banned me from coming here from yesterday (Tuesday, May 4, 2021), and that I should suspend all programmes here and remain silent for 30 days, and that I should proceed to a silent retreat.

“I am making this clarification because the bishop had directed him to come and address you before things would get out of hand.

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He had cruised into the AMEN headquarters in an open roof ash colour Mecedese Benz SUV. His vehicle nearly entirely enveloped by cheering supporters as he alighted into the waiting embrace of about a dozen priests, nuns and the waiting crowd that were in wild jubilation.        

According to the multi-talented priest, trouble started when he was summoned for a meeting by Bishop Onaga only for the bishop and a team of “advisors” present ordered him (Mbaka) to immediately vacate the AMEN premises and remain incommunicado for one month.

Mbaka however, admonished his supporters to remain calm, prayerful and as well desist from any sort of violence including tampering with Bishop Onaga’s house or destroying infrastructure.

Hear him: “What I do not like is for people to tell me who to bless and who not to. I am a priest that was ordained to bless!

“I cannot understand why people would be angry because I blessed Nnamdi kanu. Go and even attack God who has given him breath; attack God who has given him life. Go and kill God and punish God for blessing him.

“You that is accusing Nnamdi (Kanu), are you better than him? The blessing, is it your blessing? If I bless and you want to curse him, you go ahead.

“A lot of things happened and I do not want you people to go about with miss-information.

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“You people insisted on seeing me and I am here now.

“I would like everybody to adopt peace and love. I am here to address you with the permission of my bishop; he said that I should come and calm fraying nerves to prevent the situation from getting out of hand; and that people were destroying his house.

*I have never disobeyed the church. People are just misunderstanding, misquoting me and doing everything (possible) to close this ministry, which they cannot succeed, by the grace of God.

“The bishop (Rt Rev Dr Calistus Onaga) invited me for a meeting in the evening of Tuesday, May 4, 2021. I do not know what happened in the background or what led to this (banishment). 

“I was asked to stop coming here for 30 days; that I should leave the Adoration house for 30 days and that I should remain silent for 30 days.

“Do you know that before I reached the bishop’s house, the outcome of the meeting had already been revealed? I went into the meeting with the conclusion of the meeting that was yet to commence. The result had already leaked and those behind it were already going about bragging that this is the time they have closed the adoration ministry and that I will never set my foot here.

“Yesterday was just like the day I was shot on the road.

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“The summary of the problem is that they queried why I should say what I said. And my question was: Is it because I said that there was insecurity in the country? Is there no insecurity? That I said Mr President should provide jobs for the youths, that it was unemployment that triggered all the heinous killings, terrorism and others and other evils going on in the country?

“What did I say that had attracted the issue of stopping the ministry? Is this how they want to appreciate me after 25 years of selfless service to the church?

He also disclosed that he had pleaded with the bishop to permit him to conduct his Wednesdays’ ministration codenamed E No Dey Again.

The AMEN founder added that he had explained to the church leadership that he would like to personally announce that all programmes would be put on hold for 30 days and that he would be travelling, but that his request was rejected.

Mbaka has been under fire from the Presidency since calling for Buhari’s resignation or impeachment for, allegedly, failing Nigerians by the inability of his government to effectively tackle the nation’s teething problems.

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