My social contract with Ndi Umunneochi

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A little under two years ago today, I presented myself to the good people of Umunneochi local government in an election for the office of Executive Chairman. Before the vote, I penned an op-ed article for The Oracle Today Newspaper captioned “My Social Contract with the People of Umunneochi.” In that op-ed, I articulated the main thrust of my campaign to serve my people as chairman. It was my first stint at political and or elective office, but it was pretty easy for me to capture in concrete terms the policy ideas I had hoped achieve in office during the two- year tenure. The ease of articulation was borne out of a heart willing to do right and a wealth of experience garnered over a lifetime of vigilant observation of the political process.

The policy vision contained in my op­ed were itemized to include (i) to set a new template for governance in local government administration, (2) to restore electricity which had been non­existent for over two decades, (3( to ensure security of lives and property, and (4) to empower the youths and women towards a sustainable economic path. We have, for the most part, accomplished these set targets. The crescendo being the restoration of electricity to the local government about one year in – a feat made possible by interventions from numerous quarters, most notably the Governor of Abia State Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu and support from progressive men of goodwill across the local government. We moved on premise that anything is possible and any challenge is surmountable anytime people are
galvanized around a common idea. And I am most persuaded that never again will a local government chairman sit aloof and do nothing to move the ball of governance in Umunneochi local government. We have set the template and shifted the paradigm; our people now have a benchmark with which to hold successive governments accountable. Ultimately, we walked, did the deed and kept faith with people of Umunneochi.

To be sure, our performance has been appreciated and rewarded by the landslide victory accorded me in the just concluded PDP primaries for Abia State House of Assembly, Umunneochi State Constituency. And so, as a candidate Abia State House of Assembly, I Barr. Phillip Okey Igwe, hereby, renew my social contract with the people of Umunneochi and also reiterate that (i) our campaign and tenure (when we win) shall be about people first; (2) we shall continue to strive to reinforce the new template for governance, albeit from a much bigger state platform, by working towards a general paradigm shift; (3) continue to empower our youths and women for economic sustenance through effective and purposeful representation and legislation geared towards achieving these targets; (4) provide constructive check and balance of the Executive department through budgetary control and oversight tailored towards actualizing the hopes and aspirations of the people of Umunneochi; and (5)continue our electricity project through constituency intervention and also supporting successor local
administration(s) to stick to the blueprint we have midwifed.

Finally, our people have seen me in action while ploughing the instrumentality of local governance. They fully understand that I mean what I say and I say what I mean. In that spirit, I solemnly enter into this social contract and also formerly solicit, once again, the support and goodwill of the entire peoples of Umunneochi for the forthcoming General Elections. I pledge to keep the faith with every fibre of my being. So help me God.

  • Barr. Okey Igwe, Executive Chairman Umunneochi LGA/ PDP Candidate for ABHA 2019, contributed this piece from Isuochi in what he calls NEXT LEVEL CAMPAIGN FOR ABIA STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY


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