Emdee Tiamiyu

Nigerians attack compatriot for allegedly influencing UK Govt ban on students’ families (+Video)


Nigerians have launched a spate of attacks on the internet against a compatriot, identified as Mr. Emdee Tiamiyu, for allegedly being responsible responsible for the United Kingdom government’s recent decision to ban Nigerian students from bringing their families while studying in the country.

Emdee Tiamiyu

Aside the ban, the British government also announced other restrictions on Nigerian students after a report emerged that the latter category of immigrants were using UK visas to seek resident permits or permanent stays and asylums when granted.


According to the claims made by Nigerians against Tiamiyu, it was his interview with the BBC which leaked the trend to the British government, informing the ban on Nigerian students from bring in their families into the UK.

Further from the visa on students’ families, and its implication is that Nigerian students arriving in the UK can no longer bring their dependents to the country while on a student visa; a student cannot switch to work visas until he or she finishes studies; a clampdown on use of agents by prospective student applicants; the impending of the student visa policy being scrapped by the UK government; as well as, a likely increase in POF.

Tiamiyu, who specialises in assisting Nigerians relocate to the United Kingdom, disclosed that Nigerians migrating to the country use schooling as a ploy to gain entry into the country.

Tiamiyu made the revelation during an interview with BBC which went viral on Tuesday.

“So the student thing is not real. It is not like they need the degrees.

“They need the degree as an access road to come into the country, so a lot of this people their priorities shifted real fast.”

The video went viral after the UK enacted a law that will prevent Nigerian students, and others studying in the UK, from bringing family as dependents except under specific circumstances.

BBC interview with Emdee Tiamiyu

The UK-based Nigerian Vlogger, Tiamiyu, however, defended himself after being called out for selling out Nigerians to the British government while featuring in an interview on the BBC, saying ‘people should know they will always offend others when they are real,’ adding, however, that he would have to find a balance between being real and being diplomatic.

Tiamiyu who is believed to hail from Osun State, disclosed in the BBC interview that claimed that most Nigerians are using the student route as a ploy to gain entry into the country.

Days later, the UK announced that starting from January 2024, Nigeria and other foreign students studying in the United Kingdom (UK) cannot bring their family members to the country as dependents except ‘under specific circumstances.’

This is as the UK government put in place a new law that aims to peg immigration into the country which currently stands at about one million, down.

Under the new rule, the UK will remove the ability for international students to switch out of the student route and into work routes before their studies have been completed to prevent misuse of the visa system.

However, fuming at the disclosure made by Tiamiyu to the BBC, some Nigerian on the internet raged over the action by their compatriot, even, however, as others described the anger as misplaced priority, as according to them, the blame should rather be on President Muhammadu Buhari for making the country not conducive.

While some posit that Indians and Pakistanis have engaged in such practices for decades in the UK, but none of the compatriots has disclosed such to the UK government, yet a Nigerian has done it.

Below are some of the other opinions as captured by Oracle Today:

Don’t know if you’ve seen the video but a Nigerian in the UK sat down for an interview and reported other prospective Nigerians.

Saying “They don’t need the degree, they just want to come here and start a new life”

Oyiga Michael (@Nsukja_okpa) wrote:

Just in case the UK stop us from coming, na we do ourselves.

He’s on the TL stinking up the place trying to form that he’s about that life or has a tough skin.

You’ll never see an India, Pakistan or other Chinese persons doing this kind of stuff to their brothers.

Everytime there’s a nonsense news, it’s always us.

Can’t you keep your mouth shut?

Even the one the Interviewer didn’t ask him he’s saying it.

And he’s smiling like an imbe.

Just annoyed me so much this evening.

Oyiga Michael (@Nsukja_okpa) wrote:

Got inside an Uber in Manchester for my Man Utd tour & I got talking to this Pakistani man cos they always hang their Uber IDs & he said he has been in the UK for 12 years.

What shocked me was that, he has brought over 30 family members to the UK to work as Uber drivers & they have an association of Uber drivers from Pakistan with over 5000 drivers scattered in the UK. 

POOJAH (@PoojahMedia) wrote:

Dem no go loud am but if na Nigerian, na every day he go dey do Youtube

Akin Olaoye (@akintollgate) wrote:

Nigerians will leave Buhari & face Tiamiyu on this UK Jakpa exposé. My brother from Osun you better beg for forgiveness.

Dr Dipo Awojide (@OgbeniDipo) wrote:

None of these is news to the UK government. They deliberately “open the borders” when they want to. Then, they close it again after a while. 8-10 years, they repeat the cycle. But for you to go and open your mouth on national TV to cast your people, haba…

JagabanOlu (@jagabanolu) wrote:

Nigerians abuse the UK immigration system and that is the truth, its an open secret. The UK is not our country, they can do as they please. Nigerians should fix their own country… simples. Other countries went through pain to get to where they are today!

Daniel Regha (@DanielRegha) wrote:

Emdee Tiamiyu is a m!ndless clown. Nigerians are already being stigmatized, our country has a negative image but  instead of correcting the wrong perceptions he deliberately threw Nigerians under the bus for views & cheap clout. Ignorance is a disease. Hope karma visits him soon.

Alakowe (@alakowe) wrote:

Maybe Emdee Tiamiyu thought he was going to get UK citizenship by selling out his country’s people

Posterity will never be kind to you! The internet never forgets. WTH is this?

Dr Penking (@drpenking) wrote:

This is the Nigerian guy that granted the interview that has made the Uk government ban Nigerian students.

Na black dey do black.

Arise Television anchor, Oseni Rufai (@ruffydire) wrote:

It is shocking to think that the British government made a decision based on an interview by its broadcasting arm. Let’s not major in minor. Let’s debate why Japa increased after 2019 and the real economic liabilities and how low we have become. Nigerians that schooled abroad in the 70s always came back home because they saw hope, So let’s interrogate what changed and how did things get so bad.


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