Why I no longer act with Aki-Pawpaw (Osita Iheme)

2013 0

Osita Iheme, popularly known as PawPaw is one actor who has carved a niche for himself in Nollywood acting alongside Chinedu Ikedezie (Pawpaw).

And the spian cleared the air on why he and Aki have not starred in a movie in a long while debunking rumours that they were at loggerheads

He said: “There’s nothing going on, there’s no movie to feature us together, if there’s a movie, we will work together. We are still very good friends and when ever the opportunity comes you will see us starring together again or do you have a script for us? Forget rymours that we are fighting, we are still very cool.”

Does he have any plans to go into movie production like a lot of his peers are doing currently? “I’m doing that already. I have movies to my credit as a producer. They include Super Models, ‘Career Woman,’ PawPaw My Love, Ada My Love and Mr. Limpopo.