Nwawuo: I am in the race to end bad governance, corruption

Aspirant in the Anambra State 2021 governorship polls under the People’s Redemption Party (PRP), Chief Nnamdi Nwawuo, said he is in the race to restore truth in governance. A traditionalist, he is from Nando, Anambra East LGA and a UN POLAC Ambassador of Peace. He spoke to THEO RAYS for The Oracle Today. Excerpts;

What chance do you think you have as a traditionalist in a predominantly Christian state like Anambra? 

People cannot continue to do things the same way and expect change. Christians have been running  things for a long time now. What extraordinary thing do we have to show for it? Corruption and failure in failure in high places. Christian politicians have shown that they don’t have the capacity to be on the side of truth. Are Christians as truthful, honest and transparent as they want us to believe? I am assuring Anambra people that I will rekindle the traditional might of truth in governance in the State like in the days of Zik, Akanu Ibiam, MI Okpara and Sam Mbakwe. These leaders led under the traditional might of truth. They led us with the spirit of ofor, which is the symbol of truth. I will go to the government house with ofor. Truth is the heartbeat of good governance and you can abide by the truth if you are conscious of the integrity of the tradition and culture of our anscestors. I will govern Anambra with truth because I have the intergity of the spirit of my anscestors to protect. I will govern with truth and my administration will guarantee a transparent leadership. 

What lesson has life taught you up to this point?

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Humility. Life shifted me from obscurity to significance. I started life as a driver and today I am an employer of labour. Today, I am an employer of many drivers. From being an employee driver to employer is remarkable. When I remember life as a company driver who struggled to impress his company, I feel that it was the will of God that I should pass through that stage in life.

Do you have the qualifications to manage the Anambra economy and the individuals  who make it tick? 

The prerequisites are truth, honesty, transparency and accountability. Secondly, government is team work. As governor, I will make sure that the right people are in the right places. I am aware that Anambra is well blessed with human capital resources, educated people who are highly exposed and have made name in various fields. I will reach out to them and ensure that positions are in the hands of people who know the job. I will give room for quality and merit, I will work with truth so anybody coming into my administration must be ready to be truthful in the discharge of duties. I will fight corruption with the intention of erasing it in Anambra and I will fulfil my campaign promises. 

What are you promising Anambra  people? 

My focus will be on education, security, job creation and agriculture. I will ensure a robust development in agriculture with a view to using it to boost the economy and create jobs. I am looking at creating jobs in agriculture through policies that will make it easy for farmers to go into mechanised farming in cultivation and processing. 

I plan to revive public schools and build more schools, train and employ more teachers. Parents don’t send their children to public schools because of falling standards. I will change that and make education free for primary schools. In health, each community will have a functional health centre, the concept of General Hospitals will be  changed. By building more health centres and upgrading general hospitals, more people will get jobs as health workers. I will give youths a strong platform through sports development programs while employing them through the job creation program. I will decongest Onitsha and ensure that the city is free from criminals. I will give trade and commerce a strong attention because the state has a strong economic base in buying and selling. There will be robust development in all areas of governance. 

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What’s your position on zoning especially with calls that Anambra South to produce governor in 2021?

The entire senatorial zones have produced governor on the premise of zoning, this time let the zoning arrangement restart from Anambra North. That’s my position. Secondly, it is the turn of the youths because the older generation has taken done its bit. Thirdly, it is also the turn of traditionalists because Christians have been there since the creation of the state. Christians are not the only religious bloc in the Stat  and it is not written that the governorship seat is meant for them alone. It is the turn of traditionalists now. Then, it is the turn of rural dwellers, who are being marginalized in the state. I am in the race as a representative of these fronts. Anambra is more diverse than we think and it is time to carry everyone along, especially those who have kept silent for too long and have lost their voice.

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Why are you in the governorship race? 

There is a spiritual dimension to the decision. It was predicted 25 years ago that I am going to be governor of Anambra. A Chief priest revealed it to my mother when I was about 20 years old. 

How did your mother influence you growing up?

I owe everything to my mother Ezenwayi Franca Nwawuo. She is a highly spiritual woman, hard working and a disciplinarian. She was always striving for the best for her family. She is my inspiration and model. She motivated us, her children to participate in every decision that affect our lives. She encouraged us to work hard and identify with our talents so that we can survive the environment in Nigeria. I learnt about the virtues of hard work from her. And that If you don’t identify with your gift and destiny, you will continue to have problems even when you are working hard.

Do you believe that you have the popularity to win the election?

I am popular enough to win the election. There is no community, market and city in Anambra where my name is not known. I have people working for me all over the state. I have about 10 pressure groups across the wards and communities working for me. I have built the structure to win this election and I am sure that I am going to win it because I have the advantage of being young. People want a younger person this time because they are tired of the antics of the old politicians. 

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