Nwoye is face of change, hope- Chukwuelue

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* Insists that experienced leaders use their know-how to loot public treasury

Chief Tony Chukwuelue, a deputy director in the Tony Nwoye Campaign Council, and a two-time House of Representatives candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)for Idemili Federal Constituency tells CHUKS COLLINS why the Anambra electorate should vote for Tony Nwoye of the All Progressives Congress(APC) in the November 18 governorship.

About 17 very capable candidates are on parade for the governorship poll from different parties. Why Tony Nwoye?

The truth is that in this election, there are three contenders from three political parties, namely APC, PDP and APGA. And Nwoye is the best, going by his antecedents. He was a former students union leader and a well-known go-getter. He has the interest of the masses at heart and variously championed same to the admiration and praise of all,all his life. There is no ambiguity in saying he’s the first among equals. So, he deserves the votes of Anambra citizens.

There’s this catch phrase—‘why mend it if it’s not broken?’ And in view of the clamour for the North Senatorial zone to complete their eight years before the governorship moves elsewhere.

I agree that the zone should complete two terms because I believe in equity. After all, we in the South East have been crying about marginalization at the federal level over the years. Here, the northern zone of the state has equally been crying about marginalization too. But, within that zone, there is this agitation that if you allow only one section of the area to complete the whole eight years, it won’t be fair.

Again, Dr Willie Obiano having performed so poorly does not deserve re-election, especially when we have a brilliant and tested young and energetic person in the race like Dr Tony Nwoye. It would be anomalous to allow Obiano’s abysmal show continue. Four years is not four days. Dr Nwoye is not just a gift to the zone, he’s a gift to the state.

If Chief Obiano had performed, most of us won’t be willing to stake our neck in support of another.
Nwoye should be allowed and massively supported to complete the zone’s eight years. In fact, he is on a salvation mission because Obiano disappointed all of us who fought for his victory in 2013. He openly rubbished our goodwill and should actually quietly hide his face from public view.

Some other issues have been brought against Nwoye such as his lack of experience in governance, in administration and what have you.

Well, this is democracy where people are at liberty to say whatever they like. This nation has witnessed old brigades who failed, else the nation would have been up there in development and advancement among other nations. What we need is one who understands the problems of the masses, a practical and compassionate person eager to develop the society. And these are exactly the qualities you can find in Dr Nwoye.

Over the years we have discovered that the experienced ones have mastered the art of looting and successfully covering their tracks. This is surely not the type of experience we need now. As a matter of fact, that is the problem we are having right now.

Three years ago, we were bamboozled into believing that this person being the most experienced, versed and deep in administrative matters would take us to the Eldorado. But how wrong we have been. Now there is nothing on ground; nothing to show for our trust, belief and acceptance of the man Obiano. The only thing you see everywhere is ‘Willie Working’ noisy propaganda everywhere you go, yet very low achievement and development. It is unfortunate.

So, if it’s a child that can give us the pace of development that we yearn, we go for him. Tony Nwoye is not in that sticky finger league. By the way, he’s a medical doctor; he’s in the House of Representatives and at the age of 30, he was already the PDP chairman in the State. He produced governors, national and state assemblies members.

He’s having the singular honour of being the governorship candidate of the PDP about 4 years ago and today won the nomination of the APC to run as its governorship candidate, having defeated all the political heavyweights in the state. What else do you need to prove that the young man is highly talented and would deliver? For such a young man at such age to tower above all in a state like Anambra where you have so many money bags, political heavyweights shows the intrinsic stuff he’s made of.

Is it not too generalizing for you to say the incumbent has not performed. Are you really sure?

To whom much is given, much is expected. Obiano’s predecessor told us he left N75billion for Obiano. Shocking that today there is no evidence that someone has been in the saddle since Obi left. Look at the infrastructures, the schools, the health sector or the level of unemployment. Everything about Obiano is massive propaganda -the state government has done this and that. But in reality, there is nothing to see.

These are practical realities. Am from Central zone and there is nothing to show we have an administration in the state in the last three and half years beyond where it was left about four years ago. It is even worse in the South zone. As a governor, Obiano ought to have known he was the father of all zones. Beyond that, as a citizen I pass virtually all areas from time to time and wonder where those phantom projects being displayed on pages of newspapers and television. Some were reported to have been pictures of projects from Ekiti, Delta, Rivers and Lagos States. What a shame.

They arrogate attracting billions of foreign and local investments to the state, yet we cannot find anything. Please where do they exist, in the air? Or are they in the spirit realm, because we cannot see, feel or touch them. What I am saying is that government is not run by sheer propaganda.

It appears Nwoye enjoys the financial and political goodwill of many notable citizens like Prince Arthur Eze. Curiously this has elicited some negative comments.

There is clearly nothing wrong with Prince Arthur Eze or any other kind-hearted Nigerian supporting Nwoye. It shows he earns their trust and friendship. It’s a big plus for Nwoye.

This candidate is an exceptionally brilliant youngman, a talent who, just as it is in other parts of the world, has been discovered. The immediate past American President, Barrack Obama was discovered by Senator Ted Kennedy of the famous Kennedy family and was given the opportunity. He heavily supported him and gathered all his friends to do so. Kennedy was quoted as saying that he saw a new America under Obama.

Prince Eze, an internationally acclaimed philanthropist who has all his life lived for the masses’ welfare and public good. He has always given lavishly to support the public cause. This project is just another aspect. Didn’t you hear also that he normally gives all aspirants what they spent?

Eze is not the regular capitalist who wants to amass wealth for self alone and I can say anywhere that if I am Prince Eze or Bill Gates, I will stake all I have on someone like Tony Nwoye- a high flying achiever who has always excelled wherever he finds himself.

Eze as all know doesn’t need anything from the State. In fact, from history, he has been giving his wealth to the development of the State and humanity wherever he goes. Check the records of the building of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu and the Security Fund of Anambra State and see what he has given in the advancement of these projects and programmes.

Records show he has never visited any governor of this State for any reason, instead it has always been the other way round. His support for Nwoye, I believe is because of the talent he sees in him and, therefore, wants to help the State. So, to me, there is absolutely nothing wrong in that. Yet, they are not related in anyway. One thing I am convinced about is that Nwoye would give us a new chapter in our history.

The last time I checked,Obiano could not harness the numerous budding resources in the State. It is unfortunate that we have joined the ignoble league of failed States that can no longer sustain themselves without relying heavily on monthly federal allocation like a hopeless lazy child.

It’s noteworthy that the internally generated revenue(IGR) are regularly shared to political touts that abound in the administration. Today, it’s clear to all that Obiano is running what is called “patronage government” where if they feel you can unleash nuisance value, they go and dump something in your account, instead of using the resources to develop the state.