Oshoala, exceptional player- Oduah

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.Charges NFF not to renew Dennerby’s contract


Former member of the Nigeria Football Association and the only non-indigene to have served on the board of the Lagos State Football Association, Prince Isidoreh Oguejiofor Oduah, has poured praises on Super falcon’s striker, Asisat Oshoala.

According the Ochuche Prince from Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State, Oshoala is an exceptional player who gives her teammates confidence while on duty saying her contributions during Falcons semifinal game against their opponents, the indomitable lioness of Cameroon who came to the party against the Nigerian women with revenge in mind.

He disclosed that the super Falcon’s semifinal encounter against the Indomitable Lioness of Cameroon afforded him a rare opportunity to watch Oshoala and came to the conclusion that despite being a sleek striker, she one player that made the Cameroonians cause to worry in the encounter.

“I would like to start by saying that I am highly delighted to have had the opportunity of watching Asisat Oshola closely in the semifinal encounter against Cameroon. I never knew that Oshoala is that good,” Prince Oduah began.

“It is true that the Cameroonians out played us in every department of the game but I was impressed by the singular performance of Oshoala.

“Oshoala is a sleek striker and they Cameroonians know that hence they are always with her but even at that they were unable to pin her down because she knows how to meander her way out of trouble. She is one player who gives her teammates confidence when on duty. She is a team payer which makes her a complete player.

“I know that the Cameroonians out played us in that game but our women used experience to avoid defeat which is good. But in terms of play were no match to the Cameroonians.

“I am happy that at the end of the encounter the Super Falcons emerged victorious via penalty shootout.  It was at the penalty shootout that our women out played the Cameroonians and that were made position via experience.

“I would also commend our goalkeeper. She was marvelous in the game and was able to save two kicks. She is a very good goalkeeper and I hope she continues like that,” Oduah enthused.

Speaking further, the founder of Red Carpet Adverting expressed dismay with the Super Falcons’ handler, Thomas Dennerby saying he does not deserve to be called the Super Eagles coach there is nothing to show that he is imparting anything to the women. He, therefore, charged the NFF not to renew the Swedish contract when it expires because he has shown that he does not have the technical knowhow to handle the Nigerian women.

“Please, I would like to use this opportunity to call on the NFF to ensure that the Super Falcons’ coach, Thomas Dennerby contract is not renewed.

“I am saying this because having taken y time to watch the Super Falcons during Africa women Cup of Nations in Ghana I discovered that it was a very big mistake to have hired Dennerby as the Falcons coach.

“The semifinal match against the Indomitable Lioness of Cameroon exposed him as he had no answer to the rampaging Lioness. As a matter of fact, the Super Falcons got to the final because of determination and experience and not because of any technical impart of the Swede.

“Anything outside asking him to go when his contract expires will connote that there are some entrenched interest and not just to add value to the team.

“As far as I am concerned, we have a lot of coaches in the country that are sound than Dennerby. There have been some coaches who have been handling the team before his coming and these coaches have been able to win the trophy for us for eight times. So, what is Dennerby bring to the Falcons? Oduah querried.

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