Paternity mess – Myro denies baby mama

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Singer, Myro, has officially reacted to reports in the media that he was involved in a paternity mess and dumped his baby.

In a statement made available by his management, Myro regretted the entire episode stating that he would not be distracted by rumour mongers.

He said: “The issue making the rounds happened recently and would be addressed accordingly. Yes, I and the lady involved had something going but it’s all in the past now.

I requested and paid for a DNA test in a lab of her choice, which she rejected until my lawyers waded into the case.

“I love kids. I see children as gifts that deserve to be shown one hundred per cent care and love. When I have one, I will not hesitate at being the best dad possible.

Women are special and I love them. I was raised by women and they did a great job but certain issues surround this recent development hence my insistence on a DNA test.”

“Meanwhile, this is a personal matter that has been very distracting. I want to tell all the rumour mongers and haters out there to please let me be. Ever since that news broke I have received many calls from my family and loved ones and I want to reassure them that I am on top of it.

“I am just here focused on my career as an artiste and also on the growth of the brand Myro. The test results reaching me show that I am not the father of her child. “