P*ssy graduate: Lawyers set to clash over PolyNek’s investigation (video)


Sopuruchi Onwuka

Following the spate of public outrage over the viral video in which a fair complexioned lady claimed she graduated from the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, with the assistance of God and her sex organ, the ground is now set for a clash between her lawyers and the institution.

The graduating student and her lawyers have written the panel set up by the institution to investigate the confessions of the lady, boasting of personal relationship with the Rector and declaring uninvited monitoring presence in the school.  

Insiders in the school who spoke privately on the matter said that the management of the institution has also risen to the challenge by mobilizing its own legal team to withstand any perceived threat from the lady and her lawyers.

In the viral video which has drawn total condemnation and reprehension from viewers, the graduating student now identified by her lawyers as Okoroafor Ogechi Sharon had excitedly broadcasted her last day in school, attributing the feat to God and her p*ssy. She ended the video smiling away without any attempt at apologizing for any wrong use of word.

The perceived inference that she compromised the condition for graduation with sex had raised a spate of social resentment over the integrity of the institution and her impudence in declaring its poor standards to the world.

Comments on the video which was originally published on Tiktok and widely circulated on facebook, instagram, whatsapp and similar platforms expressed disappointment on the poor quality and low moral standards of graduates from Nigerian institutions. Most commentators demanded apology from the lady while others called for withdrawal of the diploma obtained with the confessed facility of sex acts.

In response however, the management of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, in Imo State, rapidly declared investigation into the matter, vowing to dig to the root of the circumstances leading to the brazen celebration of immoral standards.

In a public statement captioned “MANAGEMENT INVESTIGATING STUDENT INVOLVED IN A SHOW OF SHAME ON SOCIAL MEDIA,” the Registrar of the institution, Mrs. E. C. Anuna, declared that “the management of Federal Polytechnic Nekede has begun full investigations into the identity of the student who gloated on Tiktok about how she graduated with the help of God and her private organ.”

“It is even most blasphemous and antithetical that the said student peddled the name of the Almighty in her deleterious act,” she lamented.

Rector of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Engr. Dr. Michael Arimanwa,

Mrs Anuna stated that “It is in our purview to ensure that only students found worthy in learning and character are certified.”

In laundering the reputation of the institution, Mrs Anuna stated that “The Federal Polytechnic Nekede prides itself as an institution with high academic and moral standards.”

“Both staff and students are quite aware of the consequences of any misconduct. In an unprecedented move, Management through the various disciplinary committees had released hot lines through which students can report any act of exploitation or corruption. These committees are diligent in ensuring that any staff or student found culpable is meted with appropriate punishment.”

In condemning the wildly circulating post, she said, “The despicable post of this supposed student does not therefore represent the standard of our institution. The Rector of the institution, being a clergyman, has been very committed and consistent in instilling discipline in our students through seminars, Solemn Assemblies, sensitization outreaches and publications.”

The registrar promised to make the findings of the investigation public.

“It is in our purview to ensure that only students found worthy in learning and character are certified. This is a commitment to which we shall remain consistently resolute,” she declared.

In the backlash of public condemnation and threat of losing her highly hyped certificate, the candidate under investigation has since rapidly mobilized a team of lawyers which has declared interest to involve in the investigation uninvited.

A letter to the polytechnic purportedly written by certain Barr Ikechukwu Nwaopara informed the disciplinary committee of the institution that “Our Client Wanted To Say Pupsy” but mistakenly said pussy in the viral video.

“We are solicitors to OKEREAFOR OGECHI SHARON (our Client under our Pro Bono (Free Legal Services) on whose behalf we write this memo to you,” the lawyer told the school in the letter copies of which are also circulating online.

In the letter which appeared to have been rushed to the school on the day Okereafor Sharon was due to face the institution’s disciplinary panel, Barr Nwaopara called on the panel members to “carry out their duties in compliance with the principles of Fair hearing, Good conscience and Natural Justice devoid of harassment, intimidation and threats.”

“We have met and discussed with our Client and evidence before us shows that she has no intention to defame the character, standard and integrity of the institution. In her words what happened in the said viral video was a slip of tongue as a result of her uncontrollable ecstacy over her graduation. Her intended words were “God and Pupsy”(Not P*ssy) in appreciation of the almighty God and her Dad.

“It is clear therefore, that she had no intention whatsoever to use such a “fowl word” in the said viral video to cajole or blackmail the institution as no lecturer or name of the institution was mentioned or referred in the said viral video,” he wrote.

In a note of threat, Barr Nwaopara declared: “Our lawyers are already on ground at the institution now to follow up the proceedings at the panel against any form of intimidation or harassment.”

He also boasted personal relationship with the rector of the institution.

“The integrity and standard of the said institution is not in doubt especially since my Senior brother, Rev Dr Arimanwa took over as the Rector.”

Comments following developments on the p*ssy video on social media platforms dismissed the lawyer’s intervention as poor damage control effort as questions upon questions pour in on why the said candidate went ahead to post the video or failed to promptly delete same if indeed she suffered a slip when recording the media content.

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