Today I choose to write to rapists

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Dear Rapist(s),

IT has been eight months since you and your clique broke into my house and acted based upon your juvenile stupidity, naivety, confusion and immaturity, and wow, it has been a journey.
When I bid my friends and family a happy new year on the morning of 1 January 2016, I did not envisage such an incident would fizzle its way into my experiences, but you happened, I and all your other victims are left to wear the scar for ever – even though we heal completely, it has happened and happenings are not wiped off just like that.

I happened to dust off the experience and the pain that comes with it and made something worthwhile and lifesaving out of the debris – talk about making lemonade out of lemons, yeah, I did it. So, I can confidently tell my friends that they can become fruit juice vendors.
You! You are a part of a whole and that whole is damaged, as some say, beyond repairs, but I disagree.

As I described earlier, you may fall under any of the categories – young and stupid, naïve, confused, immature, but whichever it is, I have great compassion, albeit pity for you because you are ignorant of how much of a mess you have made yourself and you may be oblivious of the gravity of the crime and harm you perpetuated.

You did and do not just harm the victim you got around to harm, but you marred the entire world, I am sure you are unaware of the truth that we are all connected in one way or the other. You remember you were carrying out your dastardly act and still asking for forgiveness – I mean who stabs you with a knife in the chest and asks that you forgive them while they do so, if not someone with a psychological imbalance and one screaming out for help, but of course, in a bad and rather shallow way.

I am not in any way making excuses for your actions, but I do not know any greater punishment than the curses of billions of people following and trailing your life.
In an interview I was asked, if I feel any atom of hate towards you.
Truth is, I don’t.

I know so well that hate and love cannot and will never reside in one life and in one body. They are two extremes that can never meet face to face, except in a battle, of which love will always win. I do not hate you. But I do pray that you turn around and discover the extent to which your actions have ripped the world more apart and how much damage you have caused the world and intentionally desist from your ways of woe.

I pray that you and all other rapists would experience a factory reset that will put you back on the psychological stability you were on at birth where your thoughts will thoughts of good only and not of evil.
A damaged person will always seek out ways to damage other persons.

A hurting person will also seek ways to hurt other people – whether intentionally or unintentionally, but I HAVE A STRONG CONVICTION THAT THERE IS A SHAKING IN THE SPIRIT, IN THE WORLD, and this shaking is resetting our minds and brains to our default brain wiring at birth, which I believe is one wired and laced will all the LOVE that ever existed and ever exists upon the face of the earth.

Maureen Alikor