‘Treat those suppressing recognition of my medicine as economic saboteurs,’ Prof. Ezeibe tells FG

[From BONIFACE OKORO, Umuahia]

Professor of Clinical Virology, Maduike Ezeibe, inventor of Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum Magnesium Silicate (MSAMS) said to cure viral diseases, including COVID-19, has called on the Federal Government to treat those suppressing recognition of his medicine as economic saboteurs.

Professor of Clinical Virology, Maduike Ezeibe

Ezeibe noted that those suppressing his invention, which he claims, cures COVID-19 in 72 hours, were not punishing him but the country.

Ezeibe who is the Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU), faulted Nigeria’s copying of methods deployed by other countries in managing COVID-19, arguing that vaccination was not the remedy for the disease.

Instead, he urged federal government to be bold and announce to the world that Nigerian scientists have found cure for COVID-19 and should therefore evolve a homegrown solution to global pandemic by commencing the use of MSAMS.  

He assured that MSAMS, which could be used to potentiate other drugs, would become Nigeria’s biggest revenue spinner if it is approved and adopted by the federal government.

 The Scientist bared his mind while reacting to Edo State’s government policy of compulsory vaccination for people of the state as a way of protecting the people from contacting and spreading the COVID-19.

In a statement he made available to The Oracle Today, Ezeibe faulted Nigeria for copying what other countries were doing in treating COVID-19, stressing that instead of vaccination, people who have COVID-19 should be isolated and treated.

He said that for vaccination to work, it means that everyone must be vaccinated within the shortest period possible, adding that it would take between 200 to 300 years to vaccinate the over 200 million Nigerians, even when the duration of protection by the vaccine was not known.

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“Let me use this opportunity to ask Edo state that has announced sanctions against people who are not vaccinated, how many doses of the vaccine they have. Should everybody in the state come out to be vaccinated tomorrow, do they have enough to go round two jabs each?  

“If they stop me from coming to Edo because I have not been fully vaccinated would they also stop every Edo indigene (even if vaccinated) from going to other states/countries where people may not have been vaccinated?” he queried.

Continuing, Ezeibe added: “Let me remind Nigerians that it has taken about two years since we started the vaccination, yet our coverage (those who have received two doses) is less than 2 per cent. At this rate, it could take 200 to 300 years to vaccinate the over 200 million Nigerians.  

“The big countries are not doing better. No country has achieved 100 percent in almost two years. Yet nobody knows how long protection from the vaccine can last. Most vaccines (for animals) protect for just one year.  

“The COVID-19 vaccine cannot last for life because the disease has no age limit; yet the virus changes very fast, leading to new variants which make existing vaccines useless. The only human vaccine globally repeated, for now, is yellow fever (every 10 years).  

“Other human diseases controlled by vaccination are age-limiting, so that once children are vaccinated as babies, by the time immunity from the vaccines wanes, they would have overgrown age of the diseases.   

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“If the world wants to eradicate COVID-19 by vaccination, it means that everybody in every country would be vaccinated (two doses) within one year. If some countries achieve this level and others do not, the effort fails.”  

He said that Nigeria should not simply join the crowd because the world was not getting it right on how to cure the COVID-19 pandemic but should use the locally produced MSAMS.

“I think what we are doing is to copy whatever other countries are doing even when it is clear they are wrong. They do not have medicine that can cure COVID-19 (terminate the infection) but we have. Recall that Director-General of Nigeria Institute for Medical Research and the immediate past Director-General of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, along with others, sometime last year, repeatedly advertised on NTA that they were going to unveil a Nigerian made COVID-19 medicine.   

“By that announcement, the nation’s medical experts agreed that Nigeria has got cure for the disease.   In March this year, I was at the science expo organized by Federal Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation at Eagles Square, Abuja . My entry was ‘Potentials of Medicinal synthetic Aluminum magnesium silicate (MSAMS) for the Nigerian economy…”

“I explained,  both in writing and speech,  that the MSAMS uses opposite electrical charges to mop  viruses and abnormal cells (it is already in literature that every virus and every abnormal cell has either the positive or the negative charge while Aluminum magnesium silicate, an existing medicine, has both charges) and so, cures viral diseases (including COVID-19) and cancers .  

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“I concluded by saying that the invention would make Nigeria great, economically and diplomatically. Last month, August 2021, after due evaluation of my claims which took them 5 months, judges  of the competition between all Nigerian Universities and other tertiary academic institutions, announced me the winner  (the second in two years).  

“Our paper on treatment  of patients of COVID-19 with the Nigerian medicine (in Nigeria, Cameron and Tanzania) which reported that it cures COVID-19  in 72 hours has also been published by an American journal which means that after  reviewing our work they, (international scientists) have agreed that Nigeria can cure (not manage) COVID-19. What then are we waiting for?” he queried.  

According to Ezeibe, “quick cure for COVID-19 is a better control measure and any country that is the first to find it becomes great.  The MSAMS can also be used to eradicate the infection by ensuring that every citizen of every nation is tested and those positive are isolated and treated.”   

“Nigerian government should tell the world that Nigerian scientists have found the cure (no other country will announce it for us because of international politics).  World Health Organization would ask us to prove the claim and we will repeat what we did at Eagle Square and in that journal article. Anybody who goes on trying to suppress this invention is not punishing me or any other individual but the country.  He or she is guilty of economic/ diplomatic sabotage,” he said.

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