Vaccine gap: Africa Oil Week moves to Dubai

Sopuruchi Onwuka

One of Africa’s oil and gas investment summits, the Africa Oil Week, will be held outside the continent this year; marking one of the key disruptions in the petroleum industry conferencing calendar.

Organizers of the conference which traditionally held in Cape Town, South Africa, stated that the shift in date from 1 to 5, and venue from Cape Town, South Africa  to new date on 8 to 11 November and venue in the Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, came in consideration of better coronavirus controlled environment.

AOW originally scheduled for Cape Town, South Africa, is now moved to Dubai, UAE

The Oracle Today reports that fears of new wave of the coronavirus pandemic are rife in South Africa where a new variant of the disease vector has been reported earlier in the year. The country is also having challenges with its vaccination programme following acute shortfall in vaccine supplies.

Group Event Director, Chris Hall, stated in an email advice to past conference attendees that Dubai was chosen as the next location after careful consideration of the city’s vaccine coverage and government’s management of the pandemic.

“Though we are disappointed not to be able to host our event in its natural home of Cape Town, we believe that Dubai is the next best location. The United Arab Emirates has demonstrated exceptional progress in its vaccination programme and has also led the way in safely reopening international large-scale events – hosting its first ‘in-person’ event post-lockdown as early as July last year and more recently, played host to large-scale, highly-successful events that attracted business travelers from more than 150 countries, increasing business confidence and accelerating the revival of all major sectors in the country.

“As such, in order to allow our customers ample time to make travel arrangements, we have made the decision to move dates and location – we are confident that Dubai will be a safe and highly desirable destination to host Africa Oil Week’s 27th edition,” the organizers stated.

“Delivering the event to the high standard to which our audience is accustomed and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our attendees has always been our top priority. We believe that hosting the 2021 edition in Dubai will enable us to ensure that the event experience is both safe and premium for our customers,” they added.

Mr Hall said AOW would take place in accordance with government’s latest health and safety guidance, adding that the event would be live.

“We are looking forward to running the live event, reuniting the industry under the ‘Succeeding in a Changed Market’ theme, as well as provide the leading platform to help rebuild the future of oil and gas in Africa.”

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