Wande Coal at ‘Trace Live’ powered by legend


The night of June 16, 2023, will forever be etched in music history as Wande Coal took the stage at ‘Trace Live with Wande Coal,’ powered by Legend Extra Stout. The performance was nothing short of extraordinary, leaving fans breathless and longing for more.

The air was filled with anticipation as the crowd poured into the venue, an ocean  of eager faces ready to be transported into a world of musical brilliance. When the lights dimmed and the first chords reverberated through the air, a collective roar erupted, shaking the very foundation of the venue.

Wande Coal, a true maestro, emerged on stage, exuding an enigmatic presence. His velvety vocals enveloped the audience, effortlessly bridging the gap between musical genres and eras. From his signature anthems that propelled his career to the soul-stirring tracks from his latest album, ‘Legend or no legend,’ Wande Coal painted a musical masterpiece that left everyone in awe.

The electrifying  atmosphere wasn’t solely fueled by the music. The unmistakable presence of Legend Extra Stout pervaded every corner of the venue, as guests indulged in the rich taste of the Legend cocktails and the smoothness of the stout.  With each sip, they were transported to a realm where flavours and sounds harmonised flawlessly.

As the night progressed, an infectious energy swept through the venue. Strangers became instant friends, bound together by their shared admiration for Wande Coal’s mesmerising talent. Every lyric sung, every beat dropped, solidified the unbreakable bond between the artist and his devoted fans. It was a timeless night where the world outside ceased to exist, leaving only the pulsating energy of the music.

Looking back on the remarkable night, hearts still racing and voices still hoarse from singing along, the magic lingers on. ‘Trace Live with Wande Coal,’ powered by the unparalleled support of Legend Extra Stout, transcended the boundaries of a mere concert. It was a symphony of greatness, a celebration of sheer Nigerian talent, and a testament to the eternal power of music.

The echoes of that unforgettable night will forever resonate within the souls of those fortunate enough to be present, leaving an insatiable thirst for more. Until the next legendary collaboration, we’ll carry the memories close, cherishing the night that Wande Coal and Legend Extra Stout created a seismic wave of musical brilliance that shook us to our core.

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