What’s good about social media trolling?

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SOCIAL media trolling can be interesting, mostly overbearing but sometimes necessary. Don’t be surprised when you come under attack just for posting on your own social media space. There are posts on social media that certainly have no business being there in the first place.

Cleavage display is all the rage and most people wouldn’t think twice before condemning. I was astounded to find on a serious Whatsapp page cleavage shots posted by a lady I respect. It wasn’t just that she was in bed; her full bosom was almost on display since she was lying on her side. At first I thought it was posted on error until I spotted an accompanying line of greeting that showed the shot was in fact meant for the page. She either didn’t bother assessing the picture before posting or just had other intentions.

Suggestive posts, especially pictures on social media, are no doubt the trend among young people who desperately desire to be considered trendy and just want to show that they have what it takes. But how do you explain it when a mother does that? I noticed that no one immediately acknowledged the post but after a while, no one could hold it. I’m sure she never expected the merciless bashing that followed.

Surprisingly, the men appeared disgusted too, probably after zooming in to behold her “asset” at close range.

Do you know that some men have got secret galleries on their phones, collections of pictures of unclad and semi-clad ladies, used for sexual stimulation? It works better for them if they chance on such pictures of women that they know personally or are attracted to. Thanks to social media, getting such shots has never been easier. And don’t forget that it is common practice for ladies to send shots of sensitive body parts to make friends via social media on request and maybe not. When such pictures are made public either by omission or commission, the level of trolling may be difficult to contain.

Back in the university, precisely in final year, nude pictures of the then Miss Unizik broke the Internet and there was hardly any guy in campus who didn’t have the collection. I saw the pictures and they were every bit raw and stark. She was pictured with her friend in some of the shots and they had no clothes on. Even worse, one of the pictures showed the lady herself displaying her womanhood with reckless abandon.

We later learnt that she had sent those shots to her boyfriend during sex chatting and somehow it got into the wrong hands and ultimately into everyone’s phones. The guys really feasted on those pictures and a regular line of conversation then was to analyse the girls’ bodies and who appeared neater “downstairs”. How brazen!

The Miss Anambra cucumber story is another related one that got everyone’s attention. All these have shown that everything sensitive that is documented has the potential to go viral. You should know this, social media trolls are waiting to feast on anything you let out and it is an experience no one wants to have in a life time. So rather than seeing trolling negatively, consider it as what keeps you on your guard even before you document anything you won’t be proud of.